Copers play coppers

Thank you to everyone that came down for both the 1's and the 2's. The 1's, well aware that they had a strong team had prepared for the drubbing of HSBC followed swiftly by the shoeing of Alex Jolly. had to get there game faces on pretty quickly. HSBC had withdrawn and Met police who so from last times match showed themselves to be nothing more then thuggish traffic wardens!


So as predicted from the last game there wingers did not see much of the ball and when they did either Si Moore, Albi or Ginger Joe smashed them or put them into touch. With Si unlucky not to score with a breakaway and Ginger Joe dubiously robbed by lineman decision. That left the rest of the game to be played through the centers and the forwards for the most part. As far as that was concerned it was business as usual.


The Stassen back line clicked instantly and put Chris through on some really nice lines. Tom Burden once again left their forwards from kickoff playing hot potato with the ball, muttering 'please not me, please not me'! I spent most of my ref brownie points trying to keep Ben on the pitch, who the opposition simply could not handle so resorted to punching (shock horror).... result 14 players for 10 mins, nice! I can see why, he was everywhere all at once, I saw more of Ben in 1 game then I see my own parents in a year! Talking of appearing from nowhere having Pete at scrum half really made a difference he would pop up from behind me in a flash whip the ball out and disappear just as quickly.


It was the quick ball the Pete gave that allowed us to make the breaks for the tries. The scrum was dominant, save for some binding issues on Jack that I still do not understand. Wave after wave of rucks, mauls, kicking, and punching the props and second rows endured, overcame and eventually dominated. I still have no idea why the small guys go for Tyrone, if I saw mike Tyson I would not want to step into the ring with him! Now I save the best for last Mat 'Snowie' Frost (spelt correctly) continues to defy the law of physics by running at/around/through/over/under any man and his dog on the Met Police team gaining ground every time he got the ball which, unfortunately was often in our own 22 leaving him to make the hard yards and clear our lines the hard way (which he dully did, every time).


Thank you to Tom Ballaster for coming on and I hope Mahonys shoulder is not as bad as first thought, we need you next week!


We had 31 Players down yesterday which was a great result for the club and I hope the seconds enjoyed the run out as much as we enjoyed watching. Next week is the showdown with Erith 1's. Should we beat Erith 1's we will organize a match against Footscray that will send us at least second in the league and get Paul Harpers picture holding a runners up rosette posted on the Kent RFU web page!! A big win yesterday against Met police that meant a lot to me and from the looks on peoples faces, the team. Until next week boys!