RBSRFC 2s 24 -17 Bromley 4s


This was a match in which as home team we started and finished with 14 men on the pitch yet not a single card was shown!


Two illnesses, one no show and a prewarned late arrival took our bench from 3 players to none, with a shortage too. Shame but we cracked on and to our pack's credit we shifted them back early doors when we had 7 pushing to their 8. Scrum dominance and good recycling of our ball out of rucks proved to be the things which ensured our victory. It was not a day for backs to show off - water skimming the surface of the pitch and a bar of soap having replaced the ball but still it was impressing that we dropped so little and played so hard.


The opposition was a force to be reckoned with - fast backs and a decent enough lineout but few throws were straight by either side given the conditions and our scrum which often emerged as a joy.


Tries went to Jon Owusu, Tyrone Johnson [was it Jack Marshall - you got a txt from Les I assume] and one for the whole pack which we generously let Chris Stassen score. 5 metre scrum defensive put in for Bromley: we marched them back off their ball and to their line, Rufus from 8 got the ball near the line and let Chris pick
it up and dab it over for the points. TOTAL joy in the pack erupted at having made good for our spilled ball which had led to them getting a chance to clear their lines.


We had good communication about who could make it and who couldn't included the late illnesses which struck to otherwise keen players; we worked well together and cared and protected our ball. I learned a good deal and I hope others who played did too.


A good day out!