Park House FC 3s 65 - 10 CCR RFC 2s

With about 6 of the natural squad up at Twickenham (watching a minor miracle occur in the rugby world) and another 6 unavailable for other reasons, this was not going to be a match where we could boast that our 2s have no 1s in the squad; so it also was for PH3s who could only fulfil the fixture with some higher team players pulling on their jerseys too. However, a battle at PH is always a good physical encounter played in good heart and this was too...
There were only two scores I really remember clearly: one we got deep in their half, were awarded a penalty, were only then 5 points down and our level headed captain ignored all the shrieks for adventure and got Gobbie to secure our first points 3. Nice.
The other was approx mid second half, lots of faffing in the middle of the pitch followed by about 4 or 5 great runs, well supported, neatly rucked over and in the mudbath which the whole match was, tackles were not finished by PH and Mahoney got over for 5 (turned to 7 by Gobbie).
Their 65 points were a combination of missed tackles by us and very slick handling by them - hats off: today we were beaten by a better side. We won some ball, we scrummaged
really well and won all our ball plus some of them, we had 50/50 in lineouts despite them being very good in that arena, but their 9 10 & 15 were class acts and frankly every other number over 8 was slick ball in hand and some lovely interplay to score points rather than peter out ought to be teaching our club a lesson or two about FINISHING.
Lads we worked hard, we played hard and we lost.
Our last outing we worked hard, we played hard and we won.
22nd and 29th Dec we have a chance to go out, play our hearts out and see what gives, once again, so block the dates out in your diaries and be available please.

PS thanks to Mark Jones for bringing his boots and putting in a great tight head performance for us.